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  • We make your dream come true.
  • "Do not make the limit"
    "Do whatever you want"
    "Feel free, Act free"
  • We believe what employee feel important.
    To shape Costomer's feelings.

About our Offshore Business

  • We have developed offshore business since …
    Business Hub:China、Thailand、Indonesia
  • It is enough to cut down the development costs if the project is large.
    However, because the word is hard to Convey,
    we recently focus on near shore.

Description of Business

  • – Web Integration and Web Development Services
    – Contents Management System
    – Smart Phone Application
    – E Commerce/Social Site
    – Offshore Development/Near-Shore Development
  • — Business Processing Outsourcing
    – Performance Analysis
    – Help Desk
    – Support Campaign
  • — Infrastructure Services Division
    – Building the Virtual Server
    – Building the Cloud Server
    – Desktop visualization(VPN Thin Client)
    – Building the Business Continuity Plan

Near Shore

  • Offshore development is difficult to convey the details.
    It is important to drop to the detailed design level.otherwise a
    Bridge SE is required.
  • Development cost in the near shore is slightly higher than Offshore.
    However,there is no acceptance testing to the domestic cost will be no
    different from total offshore perspective helps to eliminate the cost
    of the bridge SE.
  • Unit cost of development in the near shore is a little bit higher,
    However the cost of the bridge SE is cut and acceptance testing is omitted,
    cost will be no different from total offshore perspect.
  • To small-scale projects, such as short delivery time
    We recommend with confidence.
  • Business Hub:Matsuyama, Okinawa